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Class 6 - English - Fair Play

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Fair Play

Question A:

Replace the italicised portion of each sentence below with a suitable phrase from the box. Make necessary changes, wherever required.

look after


make it up

keep mum

go into

ease one’s conscience

as ill luck would have it


a tight spot

take chances

my heart sank


1. The best way to avoid an unnecessary argument is to remain silent.

2. Unfortunately, the train I was trying to catch was cancelled.

3. He has been told not to take risks while driving a car through a crowded street.

4. The patient needs to be properly taken care of.

5. Why don’t the two of you end your quarrel by shaking hands?

6. I was in a difficult situation till my friends came to my rescue.

7. When I saw a pile of dirty dishes, I felt very disappointed.

8. I will examine the matter carefully before commenting on it.

9. They criticised him in the meeting but he accepted without protest all the criticism.

10. It will free me from worry to know that I had done nothing wrong.

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