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Class 6 - English - Who Did Patrick's Homework?

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Who Did Patrick's Homework?

Question 1:

A. Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words or phrases from the box. (You may not know the meaning of all the words. Look such words up in a dictionary, or ask your teacher.)

out of luck


true to his word



between you and me

look up

1. Some people find household ______________ a bore, but I like to help at home.

2. Who stole the diamond is still a _____________________.

3. This _____________________ we are going to have a class exhibition.

4. ____________________, the elf began to help Patrick.

5. Can you __________________ this word in the dictionary?

6. I started early to be on time, but I was ________________. There was a traffic jam!

7. She says she’s got a lot of books, but ________________ I think most of them are borrowed.

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