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Class 10 - English - The Frog and the Nightingale

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The Frog and the Nightingale

Question 5:

The following is a summary of the poem but it is jumbled up. Write out the events in their correct order to form a continuous paragraph.

(a) As a result, her voice lost its beauty, and the other creatures stopped coming to hear her sing.

(b) Soon the nightingale became famous, and creatures from miles around came to hear her sing.

(c) All the creatures in the bog cheered and clapped at her beautiful song.

(d) He offered to train the nightingale, so that she could sing even more beautifully.

(e) So the frog could sing unrivalled in the bog once more.

(f) The next night the frog introduced himself.

(g) The frog charged an admission fee, and earned a lot of money from these concerts.

(h) A frog croaked all night in a bog, in an unpleasant voice.

(i) But the frog made the nightingale rehearse continuously in the rain.

(j) One night a nightingale began to sing in a melodious voice.

(k) Finally the nightingale burst a vein and died.

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