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Class 10 - English - Unit-3 Promise for the future: Renewable Energy

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Unit-3 Promise for the future: Renewable Energy

Question A.1:

In A.2 you will read about alternate sources of energy. Before doing so find out how much you already know about renewable sources of energy.

Complete column A, to indicate whether you think each statement is True (), False(X), or whether you do not know (?) After reading the passage, complete column B in the same way.





Solar energy is a powerful source of energy



Electric battery operated cars are more powerful than those run on fossil fuels



EV stands for electric vehicles



Driving an electric vehicle is stressful



Solar power can be the next source of pollution in the world



India is one of the countries with a great potential for generation and use of solar energy



Using alternate sources of energy can help India save a lot of money spent in foreign exchange


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