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Class 6 - Social science - India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

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India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife

Question 2:

Tick the correct answers.

(a) The world’s highest rainfall occurs in

(i) Mumbai

(ii) Asansol

(iii) Mawsynram

(b) Mangrove forests can thrive in

(i) saline water

(ii) fresh water

(iii) polluted water

(c) Mahogany and rosewood trees are found in

(i) mangrove forests

(ii) tropical deciduous forests

(iii) tropical evergreen forests

(d) Wild goats and snow leopards are found in

(i) Himalayan region

(ii) Peninsular region

(iii) Gir forests

(e) During the south west monsoon period, the moisture laden winds blow from

(i) land to sea

(ii) sea to land

(iii) plateau to plains

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