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Class 6 - Social science - Major Domains of the Earth

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Major Domains of the Earth

Question 2:

Tick the correct answers.

(a) The mountain range that separates Europe from Asia is

(i) the Andes

(ii) the Himalayas

(iii) the Urals

(b) The continent of North America is linked to South America by

(i) an Isthmus

(ii) a Strait

(iii) a Canal

(c) The major constituent of atmosphere by per cent is

(i) Nitrogen

(ii) Oxygen

(iii) Carbon dioxide

(d) The domain of the Earth consisting of solid rocks is

(i) the Atmosphere

(ii) the Hydrosphere

(iii) the Lithosphere

(e) Which is the largest continent?

(i) Africa

(ii) Asia

(iii) Australia

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