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Class 6 - Social science - Our Country - India

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Our Country - India

Question 2:

Tick the correct answers.

(a) The southernmost Himalayas are known as

(i) Shiwaliks

(ii) Himadri

(iii) Himachal

(b) Sahyadris is also known as

(i) Aravali

(ii) Western Ghats

(iii) Himadri

(c) The Palk Strait lies between the countries

(i) Sri Lanka and Maldives

(ii) India and Sri Lanka

(iii) India and Maldives

(d) The Indian islands in the Arabian Sea are known as

(i) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

(ii) Lakshadweep Islands

(iii) Maldives

(e) The oldest mountain range in India is the

(i) Aravali Hills

(ii) Western Ghats

(iii) Himalayas

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