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Board Paper of Class 10 2016 Science - Solutions

(PART – A)
General Instructions:
(i) There are 50 objective type (MCQ) questions is Part - A and all the questions are compulsory.
(ii) The questions are serially numbered from 1 to 50 and each carries 1 mark.
(iii) Read each question, carefully, select proper alternative and answer in the O.M.R. sheet.
(iv) The OMR sheet is given for answering the questions. The answer of each question is represented by (A) , (B) , (C) , (D) Darken the circle of the correct answer with ball-pen.
(v) Set No. Of Question Paper printed on the upper-most right side of the Question Paper is to be written in the column provided in the OMR sheet.

(PART – B)
General Instructions:
1) Write in clear hand writing.
2) There are four sections in part –B of the question paper and total 1 to 18 questions are there.
3) All the questions are compulsory. Internal options are given.
4) The numbers at right side represent the marks of the questions.
5) Start new section on new page.
6) Maintain sequence.

Questions from 51 to 55 are short answer type of questions. Write an answer to each using maximum 30 words. Each question carries 2 marks.
Questions from 56 to 60 are short answer type of questions. Use maximum 30 words to answer them. Each question carries 2 marks.
Questions from 61 to 65 are short answer type of question. Write an answer to each using maximum 50 words. Each question carries 3 marks.
Question numbers 66 to 68 are to be answered in detail using nearly 100 words. Each question carries 5 marks.

  • Question 1
    By which we can measure the exact pH of aqueous solution?
    (A) pH meter
    (B) litmus paper
    (C) pH paper
    (D) universal indictor VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 2
    Which gas is produced during the reaction of base with metals?
    (A) Dihydrogen
    (B) Dioxygen
    (C) Carbon dioxide
    (D) Dinitrogen VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 3
    In three test tubes P, Q, and R iron nails, water, oil and anhydrous calcium chloride is taken. Among these test tubes, in which test tubes corrosion of nails will not take place?

    (A) P, Q and R
    (B) P and R
    (C) P and Q

  • Question 4
    Which displacement reaction will not occur among the following reactions?
    (Insert Image)
    (A) Zn + CuSO4
    (B) Fe + CuSO4
    (C) Cu + FeSO4

  • Question 5
    In the table, properties of some specimens are given.
    Specimen Melting
    Shining Malleability Electric
    P High more No Insulator
    Q High less No conductor
    R High more Yes conductor
    S Low less Yes low conductor

    Which of the following is a metal?

    (A) R
    (B) Q
    (C) P

  • Question 6
    Which statement is wrong among the following statement?
    Statement 1: Non metal possess the property of ductility and malleability.
    Statement 2: Non metallic elements in solid form are brittle.
    Statement 3: Metal can produce ringing sound by striking.
    Statement 4: Melting points and boiling points of metals are low.
    (A) Statement 1 and 3
    (B) Statement 2 and 3
    (C) Statement 1 and 4
    (D) Statement 2 and 4 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 7
    Properties of one gas is given below, Identify the gas,
    1) It is produced by Haber's process.
    2) It possesses very intensive smell, causes irritation in the nose and eyes.
    3) It is highly soluble in water.
    4) Its aqueous solution acts as a weak base.
    (A) SO2
    (B) H2
    (C) N2O

  • Question 8
    Make the correct pairs from below mentioned X and Y.
    X Y
    a) Dehydrating agent 1) Sulphur dioxide gas
    b) In preparation of fire crackers 2) Concentrated sulphuric acid
    c) Weak bleaching agent 3) Dihydrogen gas
    d) Lightest gas 4) Sulphur

    (A) (a-2), (b - 4), (c -1), (d - 3)
    (B) (a -3), (b - 2), (c- 4), (d - 1)
    (C) ( a - 4), (b - 3), (c -1), (d - 2)
    (D) (a - 3), (b - 1), (c - 2), (d - 4) VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 9
    Water gas is a mixture of which gas?
    P: Carbon dioxide Q: Hydrogen R: Carbon monoxide
    (A) Q and R
    (B) P and Q
    (C) P and R
    (D) P, Q and R VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 10
    Which component, obtained from refining of petroleum, is used as solvent in petrochemicals?
    (A) Tar
    (B) Kerosene
    (C) Naphtha
    (D) Petroleum coke VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 11
    Properties of one of the mineral coal is given below. Identify the mineral coal.
    1) It is a matured form of mineral coal.
    2) It contains 94 to 98% carbon.
    3) Its heat energy is about 33 kJ gram-1.
    (A) Bituminous coal
    (B) Lignite
    (C) Peat
    (D) Anthracite VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 12
    What is called fossil fuel?
    (A) Mineral Coal
    (B) Petroleum
    (C) Natural Gas
    (D) All the given VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 13
    The general formula for alcohol series is CnH2n+1 OH. Which is the formula for alcohol containing four carbon?
    (A) C5H11OH
    (B) C4H9OH
    (C) C4H8OH

  • Question 14
    One girl student uses the liquid compound to remove nail paint from her nail. The liquid compound removes the nail paint from her nail. Give the name of this compound.
    (A) Acetic acid
    (B) Formalin
    (C) Ethanol
    (D) Propanone VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 15
    From which of the following methanol is not used?
    (A) for making dyes, phenol and polymer
    (B) used as raw material in plastic industry
    (C) to preserve residues of dead animals
    (D) in production of ammonia VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 16
    The food we take in our body travels through a long and complex path. Which starts from mouth and ends at anus? Which is the correct sequence of process on food in digestive system?
    (A) Digestion →Absorption Egestion→ Ingestion
    (B) Ingestion → Egestion → Digestion → Absorption
    (C) Digestion → Ingestion→ Absorption → Egestion
    (D) Ingestion → Digestion → Absorption → Egestion VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 17
    Which statement is true for structure of human heart?
    (A) The walls of atria are thin while the wall of ventricles are thick.
    (B) There is a bicuspid valve between right atrium and right ventricle.
    (C) There is a tricuspid valve between left atrium and left ventricle.
    (D) The upper two chambers of heart is called ventricles and lower two chambers is called atria. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 18
    In which part of the body blood gets purified (becomes oxygenated)?
    (A) Atrium
    (B) Lungs
    (C) Heart
    (D) Ventricle VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 19
    During which process blood is filtered out in Bowman's capsule?
    (A) Reabsorption
    (B) Secretion
    (C) Ultrafiltration
    (D) None of them VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 20
    By which name, the short tubular region after Bowman's capsule in kidney, is known?
    (A) Henle's Loop
    (B) Proximal tubule
    (C) Neck
    (D) Distal tubule VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 21
    21) What is called the movement of plant towards gravity?
    (A) Chemotropism
    (B) Geotropism
    (C) Hydrotropism
    (D) Phototropism VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 22
    Which of the following is a mis-matched pair?
    (A) insulin - pancreas
    (B) estrogens - ovary
    (C) adrenaline - pituitary gland
    (D) testosterone – testis VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 23
    What does the figure indicates given below?

    (A) Binary Fission in Amoeba
    (B) Formation on temporary finger like projection in Amoeba
    (C) Buddin in yeast
    (D) Formation of cyst in Amoeba VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 24
    In which living organism asexual reproduction take place among following?

    P-Amoeba  Q- Cladophora  R- Yeast  S- Banana

    (A) P and Q
    (B) P, R and S
    (C) Q and S
    (D) Q, R and S VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 25
    Which process is important for production of gametes in living organism performing sexual reproduction in context with chromosomes?
    (A) Inequal fission
    (B) Meiosis
    (C) Mitosis
    (D) Multiple fission VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 26
    The following chart depicts the fertilization between male and female during sexual production

    Which is true for P, Q, R and S from the following?
    Sr. No P Q R S
    1. Ovary Testis Ova Sperm
    2. Testis Ovary Sperm Ova
    3. Uterus Penis Ova Sperm
    4. Penis Uterus Sperm Ova

    (A) Sequence - 3
    (B) Sequence - 2
    (C) Sequence - 1
    (D) Sequence - 4 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 27
    Which is the correct sequence in context with the least bio degradable to most biodegradable material?
    (A) Bones, Plastic, Paper, Metal Can
    (B) Paper, Metal Can, Bones, Paper
    (C) Plastic, Metal Can, Bones, Paper
    (D) Plastic, Bones, Paper, Metal Can VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 28
    Which sentence is not true in context with house hold waste management?
    (A) Buy loose fruits and vegetables to avoid packaging
    (B) Throwing waste in garbage
    (C) Increase the uses of polythene
    (D) Use rechargeable batteries VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 29
    When we destroy forest, what we are actually destroying?
    (A) Only food for wild life
    (B) Only wild life's habitat
    (C) Only trees
    (D) Our environment VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 30
    Today we are using natural resources maximum. Which of the following alternative correctly explain the natural resources?
    (A) Resources not made by human but made by nature and used by living organism
    (B) Resources made by human and used by all living organism
    (C) Resources made and used by human
    (D) Only forest product VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 31
    An important parameter that determines the functioning of nano material is surface area to volume ratio. Because of which reason small granules of sugar dilute faster than big piece of sugar cube?

    (A) SAV ratio of sugar granules is smaller than sugar cube

    (B) Cannot say anything without knowing temperature of solvent

    (C) SAVratio is same for sugar and sugar cube

    (D) SAV ratio of sugar granules is larger than sugar cube. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 32
    Make proper pair.

    a. Fullerene       

    b. SWNT           

    c. MWNT          

    d. Carbon         

    (A) a - 2, b - 4, c - 1, d - 3
    (B) a - 3, b -1, c - 2, d - 4
    (C) a - 4, b - 2, c - 1, d - 3
    (D) a -1, b - 3, c - 4, d - 2 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 33
    From the understanding of cartesian sign convention for reflection by spherical mirror, students took part in group discussion for FA-I in classroom. Who is wrong in the group discussion?

    Alpesh : All the distances are measured from the pole of a mirror parallel to the principal axis.

    Beena: The distance measured in the direction of incident ray are taken positive.

    Champak: The height measured upward and perpendicular to principal axis is taken negative.

    Daksha : The height measured downward and perpendicular to principal axis is taken as positive.
    (A) Champak and Daksha
    (B) Only Champak
    (C) Mpesh and Beena
    (D) Only Daksha VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 34
    Which statement is wrong from the following for the reflection by plane mirror?
    (A) The size of image is same as size of object
    (B) Object distance and image distance is same
    (C) A plane mirror forms virtual and erect image
    (D) Image of the object in not laterally inverted VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 35
    Which coloured light scatters least by fog and smoke?
    (A) Green
    (B) Yellow
    (C) Blue

  • Question 36
    Which is true for the far sightedness or hypermetropia from the following?
    (A) Eyelense does not become thin as per requirement
    (B) Distant object cannot be seen clearly
    (C) Nearby object cannot be seen clearly
    (D) Defect can be corrected by using concave lens VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 37
    Specify the colour for P and Q from the following diagram.

    (A) Magenta and Yellow
    (B) White and Cyan
    (C) White and Yellow
    (D) Magenta and Cyan VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 38
    Which pair is not correct for the instrument used in the laboratory and their uses from the following?
      Instrument Uses
    (A) Voltmeter To measure the electric potential difference
    (B) Ammeter To measure the electric current
    (C) Galvanometer To detect the presence of current
    (D) Resistor To supply the electric energy to circuit

  • Question 39
    To deposit the copper on the iron spoon, the copper plate is to be connected with what?
    (A) With the iron spoon
    (B) With the positive terminal
    (C) With the negative terminal
    (D) Between the positive and negative terminal of battery VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 40
    P. Q, R and S are the conductors in the following diagram. By removing which conductor the bulb will not glow?

    (A) S
    (B) R
    (C) Q

  • Question 41
    Which statement is true according to Ohm's law?
    (A) Current will increase by increasing voltage in circuit
    (B) Resistance will increase by increasing voltage in circuit
    (C) Resistance will increase by increasing current in circuit
    (D) Resistance and current both will increase by increasing voltage VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 42
    Which statement is wrong from the following?
    (A) The earthing wire is green coloured.
    (B) In India, current flowing through wire is AC and its frequency is 50Hz.
    (C) In India, voltage between two wires is 110V.
    (D) T.V., tube light, bulbs are connected with 5A line. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 43
    Match the following:
      Section A   Section B
    1. Fuse P. Converts electric energy in to mechanical energy
    2. Electric generator Q. Heating effect of electric current
    3. Electric motor R. Converts mechanical energy in to electrical energy

    (A) 1 - Q, 2 - R, 3 - P
    (B) 1 - Q, 2 - P, 3 - R
    (C) 1 - P, 2 - Q, 3 - R
    (D) 1 - P, 2 - R, 3 - Q VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 44
    Which instrument is not used to convert electrical energy in to heat energy?
    (A) Room heater
    (B) Electric Iron
    (C) Electric Bell
    (D) Electric Water heater VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 45
    Planets are divided in to two groups based on their characteristic.
    Group - 1 Group - 2
    Structure of planets resemble to earth Structure of planets resembles Jupiter
    They have fewer natural satellites They have large number of natural satellites
    They have thin atmosphere Rings are seen around planets

    Which of the following is included in group – 2?

    (A) Mercury and Venus
    (B) Saturn and Mercury
    (C) Jupiter and Saturn
    (D) Jupiter and Venus VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 46
    Some planets and their characteristics are given below. Which option is wrong among this?
    (A) Earth possesses living organism
    (B) Venus bright planet
    (C) Mars reddish planet
    (D) Jupiter smallest planet

  • Question 47
    Which statement is wrong from the following?
    Statement – 1: METSAT is useful for weather forecasting.
    Statement – 2: INSAT is useful for Direct to Home (DTH) transmission.
    Statement - 3: CARTOSAT is useful for astronomical observation.
    (A) Statement - 1
    (B) Statement - 3
    (C) Statement - 1 and 2
    (D) Statement - 2 VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 48
    In which planet sun sets in east?
    (A) Saturn
    (B) Venus
    (C) Mercury

  • Question 49
    When honeybee bites, which chemical enters in to our body?
    (A) Calcium formate
    (B) Melittin
    (C) Formic acid
    (D) Magnesium hydroxide VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 50
    One student examines the properties of substance in laboratory. Aqueous solution of this substance converts blue litmus paper in to red. Identify the substance
    P: Lemon juice Q: Tomato juice R: Washing soda
    (A) P and R
    (B) Q and R
    (C) P and Q
    (D) P, Q and R all VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 51
    How nano- technology can be useful in energy sector? Explain                           [2]

    ''Nano-technology is considered as an invention of modern society use has been identified from long past’ Give four examples providing statement. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 52
    Draw a labelled diagram of experiment explaining Ohm's Law.                  [2]
    (Blind candidate can write apparatus and experimental method in short) VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 53
    What is isomer? Write the isomer of butane with structural formula                   [2]

    Write the industrial name and two use of ethyne. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 54
    Write four points of difference between arteries and veins.                     [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 55
    Explain the types of waste based on its nature and degradation.                        [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 56
    What is solar system? Write the name of planets of solar system in sequence      [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 57
    Write the definition of acid and base based on Arrhenius principle and write the limitations of this principle.    [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 58
    Write the properties of hormone.                 [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 59
    Explain the acquired trait with examples                                      [2]

    In which way analogous organs gives evidence for evolution? VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 60
    Explain the usefulness of dam constructed on the river.              [2] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 61
    Explain total internal reflection using diagram.                  [3]
    (Blind student should not have to draw diagram) VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 62
    What precautions should be taken during the use of electricity?                 [3]
    (Write any six points)

    Write principle and uses of electric motor with diagram.
    (Constructions and working is not necessary) VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 63
    Explain the method of preparation of hydrogen gas in laboratory with chemical equation and diagram.                [3] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 64
    Explain the cleansing process of the soap and detergent.                 [3]

    Write industrial production of ethanol with two uses. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 65
    Explain the processes to control human population                        [3] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 66
    What is len's formula? Derive the formula 1v-1u=1f for spherical lens.               [5] VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 67
    Write the name of different stages of obtaining pure metal from its ore.              [5]
    Explain refining of copper by electrolysis with diagram.

    Discuss the Bayer's method for extraction of alumina from bauxite ore with chemical equation. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 68
    What is nutrition? Explain heterotrophic nutrition with their types.                        [5]

    What is respiration? Write the detail note on human respiratory organs. VIEW SOLUTION
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