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Transpiration (Group B)

The loss of water in the form of water vapours from the leaves and aerial parts of plant is called transpiration.

Types of Transpiration

  • Stomatal transpiration- Occurs through stomata
  • Cuticular transpiration- Occurs through surface of stem and leaves
  • Lenticular transpiration- Occurs through lenticels

Occurs mainly through openings called stomata.

Stomata are the minute openings found in the epidermal layer of the leaves. A stoma is surrounded by two bean shaped guard cells which regulate its opening and closing. 

Stomatal Transpiration

In plants, water is absorbed through the roots, This absorbed water has to be transported throughout the plant's body for various physiological functions. It rises up in the stem through xylem and reaches the tissues of leaves through veins. The mesophyll cells of the leaves have their surfaces exposed to the intercellular spaces. Some amount of water forms a thin layer over these s…

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