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Life processes - Growth, developments and reproduction

Asexual reproduction

  • Does not involve the fusion of gametes.
  • Requires only one parent.
  • Offsprings produced are the exact copies of their parents.

Modes of asexual reproduction

  • Fission- involves cell division or splitting of cells e.g., Amoeba
  • Multiple fission: In multiple fission, a single cell divides into many daughter cells simultaneously. Examples:Plasmodium and Amoeba
  • Fragmentation- new organisms formed from fragments of parents e.g., lichens
  • Regeneration- new organisms formed from body parts e.g., Planaria, Hydra
  • Budding- new individuals from protrusion called buds e.g., Hydra

Reproduction-It is the ability of living organisms to produce new individuals.

  • Two modes of reproduction
  1. Asexual reproduction – New plants are formed without seeds or spores.
  2. Sexual reproduction –  New plants are obtained from seeds.

Different Modes of Asexual reproduction

1. Vegetative propagation- It is the ability of a plant to produce new plants asexually …

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