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Understanding shapes

  • Curve:

Any drawing (straight or non-straight) done without lifting the pencil is called a curve. Line is also a curve. 

  1. The curve which does not intersect itself is called a simple curve.

  1. A curve is said to be closed, if it has no starting or ending point.

  1. A curve is said to be open, if its end points are not joined.

  • A polygon is a simple closed curve made up of line segments. ABCDEF is a polygon.

The attributes with respect to polygon ABCDEF are:

    1. The line segments AB, BC, CD, DE, EF, and FA are known as the sides of the polygon ABCDEF.
    2. Any two sides with common end points are called adjacent sides. AB and BC are adjacent sides with common end point B.
    3. The meeting point of a pair of sides of a polygon is known as vertex. In the polygon ABCDEF, sides AB and BC meets at point B. So, point B is cal…

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