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More about Energy

Energy: Unit – Joule

  • Kinetic energy (because of motion): It depends on the mass and the speed of the body. Kinetic energy =
  • Potential energy (Because of position and shape of the body). Potential energy = mgh [gravitational potential energy; h = height, g = acceleration due to gravity]
  • Mechanical energy: A body is said to have mechanical energy if it possesses either kinetic energy or potential energy or both.
  • Various forms of energy are Chemical energy, Sound energy, Light energy, heat energy, magnetic energy, and muscular energy.
  • Grease and other lubricating substances are used to minimize the energy loss due to the friction.
  • Energy Chain:​​ The sun’s energy reaches us through a series of conversions which is called energy chain i.e the interconversion of energy from one form to various other forms.
  • Conservation of energy: It states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another.
  • Non-renewable sources of energy are those that are…

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