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Matter and Its Composition: Law of Conservation of Mass

Kinetic theory of matter

The kinetic theory of matter is a theory that tells us about the behaviour of matter.

Kinetic Theory of Gases

  • All matter is made up of molecules.

  • All molecules of a substance are identical.

  • Molecules of different substances differ in composition, shape and size.

  • Molecules are in continuous motion; they don’t stop for any length of time.

  • Intermolecular forces depend on the distance between the molecules and the type of molecules.

  • Motion of molecules is affected by the change in temperature; the higher the temperature, the more they move.

Intermolecular force is an attractive force between molecules. It depends on the distance between molecules.

  • Arrangement of molecules in Solids

  • In solids, molecules are very tightly packed because of very strong intermolecular forces between them.

  • The molecules can only vibrate, but cannot move from their respective positions. This is because strong intermolecular force holds the molecules at one place. For the same reason, solids are rigid and hard.


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