How to Deal With ICSE Results?

With the ICSE results about to be announced soon, the excitement among students is at its peak. As usual many students are expecting a good result, some are not that sure, whereas some are very tensed thinking they might not do that well. The ICSE result is, in a lot of ways, a deciding factor for many students as in what they will study further and in which stream. It is very normal on the part of the student to be tensed during the time of the result. Whatever may be the result, the important thing to remember is that this is just an exam result and whatever the outcome maybe, one should deal with it lightly. Exam results are important, but not important enough to change your objective in the long term. The ICSE exam and the result is the outcome of a joint effort of the students, the parents and the teacher. Given below are some of the tips to help students easily deal with exam results.

Effects of Exam Results:

Results of important exams such as the ICSE can create a lot of tension and excitement among students. Some of the common experiences among students during the time of the result are:
  • Students tend to get greatly stressed or develop anxiety
  • Students can get excited and feel very happy
  • Students might get depressed or disappointed
  • Students can feel shameful out of guilt
  • Students can get a lot confused
  • Students can feel nauseated and fall ill
  • Students might even get angry

Dealing with Exam Results:

Since the ICSE Exam is a joint effort of the student, teacher and parents; dealing with the exam results should be a joint effort as well: The Student's Part: The students will have to keep certain things in mind at the time of the result. Firstly, they should not lose their cool thinking too much about the result. The ultimate fact remains the same. The exam is long over and unnecessary thinking won't change the answers now. What one can do is to stay calm and hope for the best. If the result is good, everything's fine. But there's hardly any need to compare the result with other's. This usually creates unnecessary tension among students. Also, a student should understand that if he/she has scored a good result, that doesn't mean others have score good marks as well. Celebrating in front of students who might not have scored that well is not at all advisable. Students who have failed to score a good mark should not get disappointed. They should remember the fact that at the end of the day this is just an exam and should never be the deciding factor of the goals one have set for the long term. The Teacher's Part: A good teacher will not only be elated at the good result of the students, but will also feel bad if the results are not upto the mark. But the responsibility of the teacher does not stop there. A teacher is the biggest support for the student. In case any student fails to attain desirable marks or is disheartened by the result, it is up to the teacher to console and make the student understand that a bad result is not the end of the road. A teacher can also take the initiative to further advise the students as in what to do next and how to prepare for the next upcoming exam. The Parent's Part: The only people from whom a student looks for strength and comfort during troubled times is from his/her parents. If a student secures a good position in an exam, no wonder the parents would be the happiest. But at the same time, if the students fails to bring good marks, it comes on the parents to console their subjects instead of scolding them. Scolding or beating the children will never help them in their studies. Instead the parent should try to make the children understand how important the ICSE exam is and what's its worth.

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