ICSE Class 12 Math Syllabus for 2014-15

Students have been prescribed an all-inclusive and highly comprehensive syllabus for ICSE Class 12 Math. The syllabus for Class 12 Math includes topics like Relations and Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Matrices, Determinants, Continuity and Differentiability and Application of Derivatives. Students will benefit from the syllabus, when it comes to scheduling exam preparation for Boards as well as for entrances.


1. To enable candidates to acquire knowledge and to develop an understanding of the terms, concepts, symbols, definitions, principles, processes and formulae of Mathematics at the Senior Secondary stage.

2. To develop the ability to apply the knowledge and understanding of Mathematics to unfamiliar situations or to new problems.

3. To develop skills of -

(a) computation.

(b) reading tables, charts, graphs, etc.

4. To develop an appreciation of the role of Mathematics in day-to-day life.

5. To develop an interest in Mathematics.

6. To develop a scientific attitude through the study of Mathematics.

There will be one paper of three hours duration of 100 marks. The syllabus is divided into three sections A, B and C. Section A is compulsory for all candidates. Candidates will have a choice of attempting questions from either Section B or Section C. Section A (80 marks) will consist of 9 questions. Candidates will be required to answer Question 1(compulsory) and five out of the rest of the eight questions. Section B/C (20 marks) Candidates will be required to answer two questions out of three from either Section B or Section C.

Section A:

1. Determinants and Matrices

(i) Determinants

(ii) Matrices

2. Boolean Algebra

3. Conics

(i) Parabola

(ii) Ellipse

(iii) Hyperbola

4. Inverse Trigonometric Function

5. Calculus

(i) Differential Calculus

(ii) Integral Calculus

6. Correlation and Regression

7. Probability

8. Complex Numbers

9. Differential Equations

Section B:

10. Vectors

11. Co-ordinate geometry in 3-Dimensions

(i) Lines

(ii) Planes

12. Probability

Section C:

13. Discount

14. Annuities

15. Linear Programming

16. Application of derivatives in Commerce and Economics in the following

17. Index numbers and moving averages

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