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Keshav Kumar asked a question
Subject: Maths, asked on on 5/2/14

this message is specially for vipin verma which always give incomplete answer vepin verma sir if u dont want to ans queries plz dont answer student query but dont do the formality and tolerating ques as i observe from 5 time u dont want to give proper and complete soln

as earlier when i remind u then u correct soln we r not ur servant that always reposting our queries u r always delaying in answering and which is always in complete

u see in this

expert in exam is the derivation of integration formula can be asked in exam and how can i answer that proof of formula

integrate ex(logsinx+ cosx)dx limit from pie by 4 to pie by 2

Asked byKeshav Kr4 days, 16 hours agoSubject:Math1Answer

Yes integrate using limits can be asked in the examination.Just go through the NCERT examples and solve the limit sum exercise.

Posted byVipin Verma(MeritNation Expert) 3 hours, 21 minutes ago

2- u see here this is alsoincomplete

express vector a vector = 5i-2j+5k as sum of 2 vectors such that 1 is parallel to vector b and and other is perpendicular to vector b where b = 3i+k

the scaler pdt of the vector i+j+k with a unit vector along the sum of vectors 2i+4j-5k and lambda i +2j +3k is equal to 1 find the lambda

Asked byKeshav Kr3 days, 16 hours agoSubject:Math1Answer

Let the vector parallel tois n( 3i + k ), and a vector perpendicular to this will be ofthe form.xi+ yj + zk.

Since these two vectors on adding gives us the vector a, we can write the following equations.

x + 3n = 5

y = -2

z+ n = 5

Now, sincevector xi + yj + zk is perpendicular to vector b, their dot product must be zero. Satisfying that condition we get this..

3x + z = 0

z = -3x

and now on sloving the above 3 equations we get

n = 2

x = -1

y = -2

and z = 3

Therefore the two vectors are obtained in which 6i + 2k is parallel and -i - 2j + 3k is perpendicular to vector b.

The solution obtained can also be checked :

( 6i + 2k) + ( -i - 2j + 3k ) = 5i - 2j + 5k , which is the given vector.

Posted byVipin Verma(MeritNation Expert) 1 day, 17 hours ago

Umer Faroque asked a question
Subject: Maths, asked on on 3/2/15
Umer Faroque asked a question
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