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    Please answer this

    Please answer this 3. U'nscrambie . over the flowers. The arc (gnimumh) - in the breeze. b. lhe leaves were (nigtusrl) . _ . on the window pane. fire rain was (reattpngi) near the pond. d. The frogs were (ignkrcao) . on the mantelpiece. e. The clock was (ctnigki) . f 771e coins were (ngijnigl) . in her pocket. g. A strong wind was (nigaorr) . all night. The thunder was (rngibu/m) . . in the distance. write the followin sentences [IS in

    Dear Student,
    1. Humming
    2. Rustling
    3. Pattering
    4. Croaking
    5. Ticking
    6. Jingling
    7. Roaring
    8. Rumbling
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