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(i) Derivatives of ammonia

(ii) Obtained by the replacement of one, two or all the three H-atoms of ammonia by alkyl and/or aryl group

(iii) Structure of Amines

Nitrogen on amines is sp3 hybridised.

Geometry − Pyramidal

Example: Pyramidal shapes of trimethylamine



Classification: Primary (1 ), secondary (2 ) and tertiary (3 )

(i) If one H-atom of NH3 is replaced by R or Ar, RNH2 or ArNH2 is obtained (primary amine, 1°).

(ii) If two H-atoms of NH3 or one H-atom of RNH2 are replaced by alkyl or aryl group (R′), R2NH is obtained (secondary amine, 2°).

(iii) On the replacement of another hydrogen atom by alkyl or aryl group, R3N is obtained (tertiary amine, 3°).



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