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Polymers are large molecules having high molecular mass (103 – 107 u). They are also called macromolecules.

Polymerisation is the process of formation of polymers from respective monomers.

Classification of polymers:

(I) On the basis of source

(i) Natural polymers: Found in plants and animals, e.g., proteins, cellulose, starch.

(ii) Semi-synthetic polymers: Cellulose acetate (rayon), cellulose nitrate

(iii) Synthetic polymers: Synthetic fibre → nylon 6, 6 Synthetic rubber → Buna-S

(II) On the basis of structure

(i) Linear polymers: High-density polythene, Polyvinyl chloride.

(ii) Branched-chain polymers: Low-density polythene.

(iii) Cross-linked or network polymers…

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