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When Equilibrium Disrupts

Diseases And Their Causes

Consumption of healthy food is not the only factor required for good health. Healthy lifestyle and good habits are equally important. Some of the healthy habits we all must follow:

  • Bathing regularly to remove sweat and dirt

  • Washing hands before eating

  • Keeping finger nails trim and clean

  • Rinsing or brushing teeth after every meal

  • Washing eyes with cold, clean water

  • Wearing clean undergarments

Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene refers to the habits we all must follow to maintain healthy teeth.

An adult has 32 teeth and each teeth has three parts − crown, root, and neck.

  • Crown − Crown is the part of teeth that we see.

  • Root − Root is the part of teeth that is embedded in soft tissue called gum.

  • Neck − Neck is the part that lies between root and crown.

The top white portion of the teeth is known as enamel. Below the enamel lies dentine and below the dentine, soft pulp is present. Pulp has blood vessels and nerves.

In the absence of proper oral hygiene, tooth problems start arising.

Tooth decay is the main tooth problem, which is caused by microbes in the mouth.

Microbes form plaque on the teeth. Plaque is a thick film, which microbes form by mixing food particles with saliva.

Acids produced by microbes eat away our tooth enamel and form a cavity. This cavity becomes bigger and bigger with time and may reach the dentine and then pulp, if not treated, resulting in tooth loss.

That is why, elders advice you to not eat too much of chocolates. Plaque also pushes our teeth away from the gum, resulting in sore gums and bleeding.

We should take care of our teeth in the following manner:

  • Brushing the teeth after every meal

  • Using dental floss to remove particles stuck within two teeth

  • Eating a lot of raw vegetables that make our teeth strong

  • Avoiding sticky and sugary items (like chocolates)

Hair Care

We can take care of our hair in the following manner:

  • Brush or comb every day. It not only removes dust from the hair, but also improves blood circulation.

  • Washing the hairs to keep the scalp clean

If our scalp is not clean, then white flakes, called dandruff, start forming on it.

  • Eating nutritious, balanced diet and p…

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