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Periodic Table and the Chemical Bond

The smallest particle of an element is an atom. An element consists of the same kind of atoms. Iron (Fe), carbon (C), sulphur (S), mercury (Hg), oxygen (O), etc. are examples of elements.

Elements can be further classified as 

  • Metals,

  • Non-metals

  • Metalloids

  • Noble gases

  • Chemical properties:



These react with acids to produce metal salts and hydrogen gas.
These do not react with acids.
Some metals react with bases to produce hydrogen gas.
Reactions of non-metals with bases are complex.

Reaction with Acids

  • Metal + Dilute acid → Metal salt + H2
  • H2 doesn’t evolve in the case of HNO3 as it is a strong oxidising agent. It oxidises H2.
  • Cu does not react with acids like dilute H2SO4 and dilute HCl.
  • Aqua regia
    • Freshly-prepared concentrated HCl and concentrated HNO3 in 3:1 ratio
    • It can …

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