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The World of Carbon

  • Allotropes of Carbon
    • Allotropes have different appearances and physical properties, but chemically they are the same.
    • There are three allotropes of carbon: diamond, graphite, and buckminsterfullerene.




Amorphous Solid:                       

  • An amorphous solid is a non-crystalline solid with no well-defined ordered structure.
  • Amorphous forms of carbon are: Charcoal,  Lampblack or soot; Coal; Coke

Amorphous form: 

  • Charcoal: when a solid organic compound is heated in controlled supply of air, it leaves behind a grey porous residue called charcoal.

  • Wood charcoal: It is prepared by destructive distillation of dry wood. It is grey brittle solid, porous in nature, bad conductor of heat and electricity, adsorbs gases, liquids and solids and has a density of 1.5gcm-3.

  • Bone Charcoal: It is prepared by destructive distillation of powder obtained from dried bones of dead animals. It is extensively used in decolourising sugarcane j…

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