How To Utilize Time Well After Kerala Board Class 10 Exam

Once their Class 10 exams are over, students usually have a month and a half with not much to do. Since the next session, i.e., class 11 begins sometime in April, there is a whole lot of time for students to spend in different ways once the last board exam ends. How exactly should students be spending the free time? While there are kids who busy themselves as soon as the first day after exams, others have no clue as to what to do. As a result, they end up wasting a major part of their time off and feel listless at the end. For those very bunch of kids who just got free from a month long spell of SSC exams, here are a few useful tips on how to spend your days off! 1. Take up a part time job It is quite a Western concept to take up jobs for extra cash in hand, students in India ,too, are fast learning the concept of having small time job during holidays and during the time after exams. Help out at a library, a small departmental store or carry out small chores for elderly people. In case you do not have an urgency to earn, teach children who cannot afford tuition fee. 2. Read! Read! Read! If you consider yourself an avid reader, there is no better joy than a span of days with nothing to do but read. Pick out some authors whose work you have liked in the past. Go to a library or take to the internet. With so many online sources for books sprouting these days, you will never fall short of reading material. 3. Go through previous class study material In your previous classes, you may have had books, subjects, chapters or topics that you really liked. Incidentally, many of these books are also going to help you in the higher classes in some way or the other. Take out time from other things to re-read the books that you find interesting. For some extreme adventure, try out some maths problems too! :) ;) 4. Take up that hobby you kept postponing for so long Due to the pressure of academics and school schedules, students often neglect the hobbies or interests they may have had for very long. Now is your chance to take up that art class, or that sport or the swimming or the creative writing class you want to take up. In a month or two, you will have developed enough interest to continue it even after the next class begins. 5. Set your future goals; sort your present life In the wake of your Kerala Board Class 10 exams, you might not even get the time to sort your belongings and do your own chores in a proper manner. Make use of this time to bring your life to normal. Clean your cupboard, help out in house chores, regain your network with friends, catch up on current affairs, learn more about happenings around the world.

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