How does HSC Board Preparation help Students for Entrance Exams

Kerala Board HSC exams are the equivalent of CBSE Boards examination taken by students at the end of Class 12. Though the exams are held in March, students start preparing as early as the beginning of the session. Since these are the second time students appear for Board exams, after their SSC, they have a clue about how things work. A sound preparation not only helps students in scoring better in the Kerala Board exam but also form a strong base for the many entrance exams students take afterwards. There are several benefits of carrying out a steady and sound preparation for your Board exams. Read on for those motivating advantages. :) 1. The preparation helps in managing time for entrance exam preparation When preparing for Boards, you are automatically falling into a routine that will continue till your entrances. This way you are better organized in your schedule for when your entrance exams approach. 2. It helps you clear all fundamentals a lot in advance Since you are already studying a lot for your Kerala Board HSC exams, the concepts and basic fundamentals of Science and other subjects are getting clear in your head, (provided you are studying attentively). The objective part of many entrance exams puts your conceptual knowledge to test. 3. It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses While studying for your Kerala Board HSC exams, you come across several topics that you haven't studied much and are not very comfortable with. If these topics are part of your entrance exam syllabus, you can end up losing marks too. Preparing for HSC exams can eliminate your weaknesses and make you better equipped for all examinations. 4. Motivates you and keeps you going The preparation for entrance exams can lead to a lot of anxiety and may leave you feeling disheartened at times. Preparing for HSC exams keeps you motivated. These exams make your preparation regular too. 5. Entrance exams give weightage to merit too Several entrance exams require a percentage of your Class 12 scores too, preparing well for Kerala Board HSC exams actually becomes a priority for students. For example, premier institutions like IIT will require you to score a minimum of 70% for eligibility to appear for the exam itself. 6. It solves the need to attend extra coaching classes Students who have been regular and dedicated in your preparation for the Kerala Board Class 12 exams, you have already eliminated to go for extra classes for other entrance exams. With a bit of smart and perseverant studying and online tests, you can easily do well in any of the entrance exams!

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