Role of Parents In the Performance of Kerala Board Students

Students appearing for Kerala State Board exams are expected to work hard and put in all their effort into making sure they score well. The endless hours spent poring into books, tuitions and strenuous exam preparation are all directed towards a good performance and bettering the chances of a good academic record. In the midst of all this, the role of parents, teachers and guardians is of utmost importance. These are the people who can make or break a student's confidence with regard to their performance in the Board exams. There are several ways a teacher or a parent influences a Board student's will and confidence before an exam. This also means there are several ways in which parents can make life easier for students appearing for Kerala State Board exams. A few ways parents can help are: 1. Encouragement There are times during exam preparation when students tend to get anxious, scared and tensed about their syllabus and the exams themselves. An encouraging word or a few useful tips from a teacher can lift a student's morale and the ability to concentrate. 2. Help out with problematic portions of the syllabus Parents can also double up as tutors and give their kids time to practise and solve their doubts. Since students cannot access their tutors and teachers all the time, one can prove really helpful as their guides throughout their study time. 3. Maintaining a affable atmosphere The atmosphere of the place where students are supposed to study should be pleasant enough for students to concentrate. Parents can contribute in a big way by making the student's day easier and better. 4. Make efforts to know students' requirements Students may or may not always tell parents what they require with respect to their academics. Sometimes, parents could make things simpler for students by asking them about their requirements. Ask them whether they need a hand with a report submissions, or preparation and revision of a particular subject. Even if they do not, this will assure them and make them more relaxed. 5. Avoiding Unrealistic Expectations Often, students may not be as pressurised by what they have to study as about what they have to prove to their parents. Of course, parents expect their children to excel in academics, so that their future may be bright, but unrealistic expectations might trigger anxiety and fear, which will not only hinder them from performing well but will instill a more permanent disheartenment in them. Know your children capabilities and capacity, push them to do better while encouraging them, but do not make them feel they are fault if they cannot do well despite trying hard enough.

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