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Maharashtra State Board Test Papers

Tips on effective self-evaluation during exam preparation

Exam times can unnerve the best of us! Many students mistakenly believe that burning the midnight oil just before the exams can help them come out with flying colours in the exams. Last-minute cramming not only causes excessive stress, it is also highly ineffective. The key to success in exams lies in developing effective study habits. An important part of studying smart is to continuosly evaluate and asses your understanding of concepts at regular intervals between study. ‘Readymade’ test papers can be very handy at such times.



Here are some pointers for effective self-evaluation during study:

  • Multiple-choice questions, that are less time-consuming and fun to do, can be very effective for testing your understanding of a concept immediately after you have studied a chapter, as they also serve to reinforce what you already know.
  • Tests covering the entire course/syllabus should be attempted by you after you have completed the syllabus and are seeking increased practice in the subject.
  • Obtaining an immediate feedback after taking a test on the right and wrong answers is more effective for learning than a delayed feedback or no feedback. believes in making available to a student, all that is needed to make learning fun and effective. As a part of this endeavuour it has created test papers in various formats such as end-of-chapter multiple-choice tests, full-length multiple choice tests, and subjective tests covering all chapters. Students of Maharashtra State Board, in classes VI to X can now access test papers designed to cater exclusively to the Maharashtra State Board curriculum for Maths, Science and English grammar.

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