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Board Paper of Class 10 2017 Science - Solutions

i. Draw well-labelled diagrams wherever necessary.
ii. All questions are compulsory.

  • Question 1
    (A) Answer the following sub-questions :
      (1) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the completed statements.
    (i) Nervous system is absent in __________.
    (ii) Both the parents contribute equal amount of __________ material to the offspring
      (2) State whether the following statements are true or false:
    (i) The general formula of alkanes is CnH2n + 2.
    (ii) Carbohydrates are body building nutrients.
      (3) Considering the relationship in the first pair, complete the second pair:
    Root : Vegetative propagation : : Flower : ____________
    (B) Rewrite the following statements by selecting the proper options: [5]
      (1) The exchange of respiratory gases in the cells of plants occurs by the process of ____________
    (a) Osmosis
    (b) Diffusion
    (c) Glycolysis
    (d) exhalation
      (2)  A solution of _________________ in water is green in colour.
    (a) CuSO4
    (b) FeSO4
    (c) ZnSO4
    (d) Al2(SO4)3
      (3) _________________ type of reproduction takes place in Hydra.
    (a) Budding
    (b) Binary fission
    (c) Multiple fission
    (d) None of the above
      (4) The process of absorption of water into raisins occurs through its
    membranes. This process is known as ______________.
    (a) Absorption
    (b) Osmosis
    (c) Adsorption
    (d) Diffusion
      (5) When zinc powder is added to acetic acid ______________
    (a) the mixture becomes warm
    (b) a gas is evolved
    (c) the colour of the mixture becomes yellow
    (d) a solid settles at the bottom

  • Question 2
    Attempt any five of the following: [10]
      (1) Draw a neat labelled diagram of the human excretory system.  
      (2) Differentiate between Mendel’s monohybrid cross and dihybrid cross.  
      (3) Explain the following reaction with the help of a balanced chemical equation: Magnesium reacts with hot water.  
      (4) What is recycling? Give one example.  
      (5) What are vestigial organs? Give one example.  
      (6) Write a short note on Catenation.  

  • Question 3
    Attempt any five of the following questions : [15]
      (1) Write the names of the indicated parts 1 to 6 in the following diagram:
      (2) What is the need to use eco-friendly technology?  
      (3) State the IUPAC names of the following compounds :
    i. CH3 ⎯ CH2⎯  CH2 ⎯ OH
    ii. HCOOH
    iii. CH3 ⎯ CH2 ⎯  CH = CH2.
      (4) What is embryology?
    How does it study lead us to understand evolution?
      (5) What are the two types of nerves? Write their functions.  
      (6) What would be the consequences of the deficiency of haemoglobin in the human body?  

  • Question 4
    Attempt any one of the following : [5]
      (1) Answer the following questions with respect to the sexual reproduction in plants:
    i. State the name of the functional unit concerned with sexual reproduction.
    ii. Name the part made up of the stigma, style and ovary.
    iii. Name the swollen lower part of the carpel.
    iv. Name the male part of the flower.
    v. Where are the pollen grains produced?
      (2) In the extraction of aluminium:
    i. Name the process of concentration of bauxite.
    ii. Write the cathode reaction in electrolytic reduction of alumina.
    iii. Write the function and chemical formula of cryolite.
    iv. Write a chemical equation for the action of heat on aluminium hydroxide.
    v. Why is it necessary to replace anodes time to time?
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