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Certain events: Events which are definite to happen.  

For example, the day after Saturday will be Sunday or the sun will rise from the east.

Impossible events: Events which are impossible to happen.  

For example, March comes before February in a year, the apple goes up when dropped from the tree.

Matter of Chance: Results of events which can not be known before they happen.

In a cricket match, India will win or it will rain tomorrow.

Probability is the measure or estimation of likelihood of happening of an event in a particular way. Some of the terms related to probability are: Experiment: When an operation is planned and done under controlled conditions, it is known as an experiment. For example, tossing a coin, throwing a die etc., are all experiments. Outcomes: Different results obtained in an experiment are known as outcomes. For example, on tossing a coin, if the result is a head, then the outcome is a head; if the result is a tail, then the outcome is a tail. Random: An experiment is random if it is done without any conscious decision. For example, drawing a card from a well-shuffled pack of playing cards …

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