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Statistics (Measures of Dispersion)

Range is the difference between the highest and lowest observations of the data.

Example: The runs scored by a batsman in 6 matches are as follows.

24, 126, 78, 43, 69, 86

What is the range of the scores?


Highest score of the batsman = 126

Lowest score of the batsman = 24

∴ Range = Highest score – Lowest score = 126 – 24 = 102

Quartile Deviation Quartile deviation is the half of the difference between third quartile, Q3 and first quartile, Q1 of the series. ∴ Quartile deviation = Q3-Q12 Quartile deviation gives half of the range of middle 50% observations. Quartile deviation is also known as semi-inter quartile range. Calculation of Quartile Deviation 1. For an individual series, the first and third quartiles can be cal…

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