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Board Paper of Class 12-Commerce 2012 Business Studies (SET 1) - Solutions

General Instructions:
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the questions.
(iii) Figures to the left indicate question numbers.
(iv) Write answer of every new question on a new page.

  • Question 1

    Q. 1. (A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the sentences:                                                                                                         [5 Marks]

    (1) Indian Partnership Act was passed in the year ................. .

    (a) 1832

    (b) 1956

    (c) 1932

    (2) Business organisations should supply goods of ............. quality to their customers.

    (a) inferior

    (b) superior

    (c) medium

    (3) In the modern competitive market, consumer is regarded as ..................... .

    (a) king

    (b) servant

    (c) slave

    (4) Management is a .......................... science.

    (a) physical

    (b) natural

    (c) social

    (5) Formulating a plan is the main function of ........................ management.

    (a) lower level

    (b) top level

    (c) middle level


  • Question 2

    Q. 1. (B) Match the pairs :                              [5 Marks]

    Group 'A'
    Group 'B'
    (a) Sole trader (1) Compensation upto Rs 20 lacs
    (b) Globalisation (2) Minimum two members
    (c) District Forum (3) Dr. Deming
    (d) Private company (4) Regional market
    (e) Total Quality Management (5) F. W. Taylor
        (6) Minimum seven members
        (7) Maximum secrecy
        (8) Compensation more than Rs 20 lacs
        (9) International market
        (10) Minimum secrecy

  • Question 3

    Q. 1. (C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences :                              [5 Marks]

    (1) Minimum ................ members are required for the formation of a co-operative society.

    (2) Business ethics is a branch of .................... science.

    (3) The number of members in the State Forum are .................. .

    (4) There are .................. levels of management in a business organisation.

    (5) Management principles are ................ in nature.

  • Question 4

    Q. 1. (D) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements :   [5 Marks]

    (1) The form of organisation which comes into existence by law of inheritance.

    (2) An organisation designed to liberalize and supervise the international trade.

    (3) The function of management which involves harmonization or balancing of group efforts.

    (4) The principle of management relates to justice and kindness.

    (5) A company which is incorporated under Special Act of Parliament.

  • Question 5

    Q. 2. Write short notes. (Any THREE) :                            [15 Marks]

    (1) Features of Multinational Companies.

    (2) Functions of World Trade Organisation.

    (3) Functions of Lower Level Management.

    (4) Importance of Total Quality Management.

    (5) Importance of Staffing.

  • Question 6

    Q. 3. Distinguish between the following. (Any THREE) :                              [15 Marks]

    (1) Sole Trading Concern and Partnership Firm.

    (2) District Forum and National Commission.

    (3) Management and Administration.

    (4) Planning and Controlling.

    (5) Professional Management and Event Management.

  • Question 7

    Q. 4. State with reasons whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. (Any THREE):                                                                                                         [15 Marks]

    (1) Business organisations have no social responsibilities.

    (2) Consumer Protection Act provides protection to the consumers.

    (3) Co-ordination is similar to staffing.

    (4) Professional Managers are highly educated.

    (5) Government companies are registered under special legislation.

  • Question 8

    Q. 5. Write short answers. (Any THREE) :                                    [15 Marks]

    (1) State the importance of privatisation.

    (2) Explain any 'five principles' of management.

    (3) State the features of disaster management.

    (4) Explain the need of social responsibilities of business organisation.

    (5) State the need of consumer movement.

  • Question 9

    Q. 6. Define Sole Trading Concern and explain its merits and demerits.                [10 Marks]


    Define Joint Stock Company and explain its features.


  • Question 10

    Q. 7. What is Management? Explain the functions of Top level and Lower level management.   [10 Marks]


    Explain the social responsibilities of Business Organisations towards Employees and Shareholders.

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