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Board Paper of Class 12-Commerce 2013 Business Studies (SET 1) - Solutions

General Instructions:
(i) All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Figures to the right indicate full marks for the questions.
(iii) Figures to the left indicate question numbers.
(iv) Write answer of every new question on a new page.

  • Question 1

    Q.1 (A) Select the proper option from the options given below and rewrite the sentences:                                                                                     [5 Marks]

    1. Indian Partnership Act was passed in the year _________.

    (a) 1912

    (b) 1923

    (c) 1932

    2. Globalization is concerned with _________ market .

    (a) Regional

    (b) National

    (c) World

    3. Fulfillment of social responsibility shows _________ image of the organisation.

    (a) Good

    (b) Bad

    (c) Poor

    4. Multinational companies have a network of subsidiaries in  _________.

    (a) Home country

    (b) Several countries

    (c) State only

    5. Dr. Deming developed the concept of _________.

    (a) Total quality management

    (b) Event management

    (c) Professional management


  • Question 2

    Q.1 (B) Match the correct pairs :                                                                                  [5 Marks]

    Group ‘A’
    Group ‘B’
    (a) Shareholder (1) High Court Judge
    (b) National commission (2) Owner of the company
    (c) Lower level management (3) Unlimited liability
    (d) Sole trading concern (4) Supreme Court Judge
    (e) Fair prices (5) Planning and policy making
        (6) Creditors of the company
        (7) Responsibility towards workers
        (8) Joint Hindu family business
        (9) Implementing the policies
        (10) Responsibility towards consumers

  • Question 3

    Q.1 (C) Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences :                              [5 Marks]

    1. 'One member one vote' is the principle of _________ organisation.

    2. In modern competitive market consumer is regarded as _________.

    3. Henry Fayol developed altogether _________ principles of management.

    4. Staffing is concerned with _________.

    5. India had adopted the policy of liberalization in the year _________.


  • Question 4

    Q.1 (D) Write an appropriate word or a phrase or a term for each of the following statements:                                                                                                         [5 Marks]

    1. State the name of forum which settles the claims of the consumers up to Rs 20 lakhs.

    2. State the principle of management which refers to concentration of power or authority.

    3. A company in which there are maximum 50 members.

    4. An art of getting things done through others.

    5. The first and basic function of management.


  • Question 5

    Q.2 Write short notes on any THREE of the following :                              [15 Marks]

    1. Features of a Government company.

    2. Features of globalization.

    3. Rights of consumers.

    4. Characteristics of planning.

    5. Importance of total quality management.


  • Question 6

    Q.3 Distinguish between the following. (Any THREE) :                              [15 Marks]

    1. Co-operative society and Joint stock company.

    2. State commission and National commission.

    3. Private company and Public company.

    4. Top level management and Middle level management.

    5. Planning and Controlling.


  • Question 7

    Q. 4. State with reasons whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. (Any THREE):                                                                                                         [15 Marks]

    (1) Commercial organisations have different types of social responsibilities.

    (2) Event management deals with management of routine activities.

    (3) Now a days management is treated as a separate profession in modern world.

    (4) India does not get any benefit from the World Trade Organisation.

    (5) Consumer movement is a social movement.


  • Question 8

    Q. 5. Write short answers of the following. (Any THREE) :                              [15 Marks]

    (1) State the social responsibilities of business towards shareholders.

    (2) State the importance of disaster management.

    (3) State any 'five principles of Henry Fayol.

    (4) State the nature of staffing.

    (5) State the features of management.


  • Question 9

    Q.6. Define Sole Trading Concern and explain its merits and demerits.                   [10 Marks]


     Define Partnership Firm and explain its features.


  • Question 10

    Q.7. What is Management? Explain the nature of management.                        [10 Marks]


     Explain the social responsibilities of business organisations towards Government and consumers.

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