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Forest is a piece of land dominated by a large number of trees. It is known as the lungs of the earth as it absorbs the carbon dioxide and releases oxygen that helps us in breathing. It is also rich in various types of resources.

Forest Resources

We know that different types of plants and animals found in a forest and these forests also perform certain specific protective and productive functions. 

Apart from providing products, there are various plants that can cure several ailments. Few of them are listed below:
Plants Medicinal use for
Amla Cough, diabetes, cold
Ashwagandha Nerves disorder 
Brahmi Memory enhancer, mental disorder
Guggul Arthritis, paralysis
Giloe Jaundice, fever

Despite carrying out so many protective and productive role in the environment, large areas of forest lands have been cleared for other non-forestry purpose. We can take steps to conserve them:
  • Young plants/trees cannot be cut down.
  • Forest products should be properly used to avoid reckless cutting of trees.
  • We should also have control over forests fire that leads to a huge destruction of forest and wildlife.
  • Spreading awareness about the protection of environment amongst others also.
  • Stringent restriction laws regarding use of forest resources.
Ocean Resources

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