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Substances in Common Use

  • Common salt → NaCl


  • Bleaching powder → CaOCl2
  • Preparation

Ca(OH)2 + Cl2 →CaOCl2 + H2O 

  • Use

Oxidising agent

Disinfecting material

Baking soda – (NaHCO3) Sodium hydrogen carbonate

  • Preparation –


  • Use

Making baking powder             (Baking soda + Mild acid, like tartaric acid)

Ingredient for antacids

Soda–acid fire extinguisher

Washing soda – Na2CO3. 10H2O

  • Preparation

  • Use

            In glass, soap, paper industries

            Making sodium compounds such as borax

            As domestic cleaning agent

  • Removing permanent hardness of water

Preparation of soaps and detergents:

  • Soaps: Prepared by reacting oil/fats with sodium hydroxide, the…

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