Score More in Maharashtra SSC & HSC

Maharashtra SSC Exam and Maharashtra HSC Exam are both very important exams for students studying under Maharashtra Board. Maharashtra SSC is important because with good results in the SSC exam, students can choose their preferred stream along with their preferred Junior College for pursuing HSC. Obtaining a good result in the Maharashtra HSC exam is even more important as this exam is the deciding factor for admissions in engineering, medical or various other professional courses. Also, a good result in the Maharashtra HSC will also ensure that the student can take admission in their preferred stream / branch in the graduation level. Considering the importance of the Maharashtra SSC and Maharashtra HSC exams, students have to keep in mind that scoring more in these two exams is equally important. But the main question is, how to do that? It is not only the job of the students, but also, the job of the parents and the teachers to ensure that all the necessary ways have been ventured for proper preparation of SSC and HSC examinations. Some of the factors that will help students to score more in these examinations are discussed below.

Study Material:

There are over 15,000 schools till the level of class 10 and over 4000 schools / junior colleges in till the level of class 12 under Maharashtra Board. Approximately 20 lakh students appear in Maharashtra class 10th SSC exam and around 12 lakh students appear in the Maharashtra class 12 HSC exam. Needless to say, the competition is fierce. To have an edge over other students, one must try and obtain the best study material for scoring maximum possible marks. Study material can be obtained from one of the various methods such as:
  • Class Lectures: Attending class lectures on a regular basis will not only help the students in clearing up concepts but also enable them to gather very good study material that will help a lot during exams.
  • Coaching Classes: There are various famous coaching classes that the Maharashtra SSC and HSC students can get enrolled into where along with good tution they can also find good study material. Some of the famous coaching classes are Kalra Shukla, Chate, Rathi, Famous College Profs, etc.
  • Online Study Material: Last but not the least is the study material available online. This is the best method of obtaining study material for more than one reason. Firstly, students can have the study material of whatever subject and chapter they want according to their convenience and whenever they need it. Also, students can have all the study material they want from the comfort of their home. Study Material offered by are one of the best that is available and can help the students in easily obtaining good marks.


Scoring good marks in Maharashtra SSC and HSC is more or less impossible without a good preparation. Certain points that one should remember while preparing for SSC and HSC are discussed below.
  • Systematic Study: For good preparation, students must always make sure to follow a particular time table for systematic study while preparing for SSC and HSC. Following a time table not only helps in comprehensive study, but also helps the student in covering all subjects in a much quicker time.
  • Avoiding Stress: Health is more important than study at any point of time. Students as well as parents and teachers much keep a watch that while preparing for exams students are not stressed out. Otherwise this will affect their health and eventually the score of the examination.
  • Sample Papers: Practicing Maharashtra HSC and SSC Sample papers is the best way to ensure an overall and comprehensive preparation. SSC and HSC sample papers are available in which gives student a complete idea about the pattern and type of questions asked in actual examination.

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