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Modern Physics

This section contains 2 questions. Each questions contains statements given in two columns, which have to be matched. The statements in Column I are labelled A, B, C and D, while the statements in Column II are labelled, P, Q, R, S and T. Any given statement in Column I can have correct matching with one or more statement(s) in Column II. the appropriate bubbles corresponding to the answers to these questions have to be darkened as illustrated in the following example :

If the correct matches are A− P, S and T; B− Q and R; C−P and Q; and D− S and T; then the correct darkening of bubbles will look like the following.

Column II gives certain systems undergoing a process. Column I suggests changes in some of the parameters related to the system. Match the statements in Column I to the appropriate process(es) from Column II.

Column I Column II
(A) The energy of the system is increased. (p)

System: A capacitor initially uncharged

Process: It is connected to a battery

(B) Mechanical energy is provided to the system, which is converted into energy of random motion of its parts (q)

System: A gas in an adiabatic container fitted with an adiabatic piston

Process : The gas is compressed by pushing the piston

(C) Internal energy of the system is converted into its mechanical energy (r) System: A gas in a rigid container Process: The gas gets cooled due to colder atmosphere surrounding it.
(D) Mass of the system is decreased (s) System: A heavy nucleus initially at rest Process: The nucleus fissions into two fragments of nearly equal masses and some neutrons are emitted.

System: A resistive wire loop

Process: The loop is placed in a time varying magnetic field perpendicular to its plane.

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