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  • Includes 8 – 10 tests per theme
  • Strictly based on CBSE samples
  • Covers all possible question types
  • Relevant to both students and teachers
  • Focuses on testing higher order thinking skills
  • Helps analyse the themes from different perspectives
  • Includes model/outline answers for all questions
  • Develops ability to comprehend, analyse and interpret the given situations
  • Helps in building one's own opinion, using available information/context

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OTBA for Important themes :

OTBA:CBSE Class All English OTBA:CBSE Class All Science OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Maths
OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Science OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Hindi OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Physics
OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Chemistry OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Biology OTBA:CBSE Class 9 English
OTBA:CBSE Class 9 Social Science OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Biology OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Economics
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Maths OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Physics
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Chemistry OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science English OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Science Applied Mathematics
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Commerce Economics OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Economics OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Maths
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities English OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Accountancy OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Business Studies
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Applied Mathematics OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Physics OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Chemistry
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Biology OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Science
OTBA:CBSE Class 11-Humanities Hindi 

In the wake of the recent development of CBSE Exam pattern consisting of Open Text Based Assessment, Meritnation offers a customised study module for its preparation. The OTBA is an initiative that allows students to refer to textbooks and study material while attempting a particular part of the exams. The study module made available by us for OTBA preparation gives students the necessary means to score more in OTBA. The means being referred to are:

  • Practice tests
  • Sample papers
  • Questions concerning High Order Thinking Skills

OTBA study material is available with us for students of Class 9 as well as Class 11 Science, Commerce and Humanities. Also, the subjects for which we make study material available are English, Hindi, Math, Social Science and Science for students of Class 9 and the same subjects with the addition of Biology and Economics for Class 11.

Some features of the OTBA Study material made available by us includes:

  • 8 - 10 tests in every chapter
  • Test papers are in accordance with CBSE Sample papers
  • Covers all possible question types
  • Aids both students and teachers
  • Includes HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions
  • Develops analytical skills, comprehension and interpretation skills
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