5 Simple Tips on Effective NEET Preparation

NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the most significant entrance tests in India. Like JEE, which is held for Engineering and Architecture courses, NEET is taken by thousands of students across the country. Also, students attend coaching classes in order to get help in clearing the critical examination. Since students are always looking for new, helpful ways to ensure that their preparation is as good as it can be, we have set down a list of some extremely useful, yet easy-to-follow tips for an effective NEET preparation.

1. Look for online tutorials.

In an age where online education has become the biggest and easiest source of academic help that students can get, one can find a several ways to learn and practice subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students can access study notes, downloadable worksheets, practice papers and even participate in online tests.

2. Get textbook solutions.

Textbook solutions are basically solved questions from famous books, for NEET subjects, by experienced authors. Finding a reliable source for these textbook solutions means accessing a gateway to expert-certified practice questions for your preparation.

3. Take objective type question tests.

Since NEET is mostly in objective format, make sure you get enough practice when it comes to the short answers and the multiple choice questions. Also, attempt such tests while you time yourself by the watch. This way, you would not just be getting good with the pattern, but also be able to improve your speed while at it.

4. Write down preparation points in short lines or phrases.

When you are done with the initial preparation of the syllabus, you would require for revision purposes. For this, you require brief revision points that contain the important phrases, definitions, etc. Keep cue cards or sheets where you can jot down these points as and when they appear in your preparation. These would come handy when you want to do a short and quick session of going through your syllabus at the last minute.

5. Find previous years' papers, NEET sample papers and model papers.

Previous years' question papers help you discover the pattern in the papers, if any, and get you the advantage you should not miss. There are model papers and sample papers that are created after a careful analysis of last years' trends, and these help you take on all types of questions head on.

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