The Best Textbooks to Study Biology NEET Biology

For NEET students, it is necessary that they concentrate not only on the practical but the theory subjects too. Physics and Chemistry are subjects that need to be practised through numerical and practical questions, whereas Biology is a subject that involves major amount of memorising words, phrases and definitions that make up different systems of a living body. We have a list of books for you that provide notes and practice questions that are most conducive to your NEET preparation:  

1. Trueman's Elementary Biology, Volume 1 and 2: (KN Bhatia)

With nearly 50% of the NEET exam consisting of Biology questions, KN Bhatia's Elementary Biology comes handy. The book contains basic concepts explained in sufficient detail. The book is specially designed to serve both school students and entrance exam aspirants, hence making the study notes simplistic yet comprehensive. The chapters are divided into units, making it convenient to cover larger syllabus in lesser time.  

2. Objective NCERT for Biology: (MTG Editorial Board)

NCERT books are any day the best set of books to carry out your preparation for school exams and entrances. Objective NCERT at your fingertips will make studying for exams seem easier. The study notes are explained in the a simplistic manner and the questions include every pattern possible. The fact that the book is meant to also be studied by class 11 and 12 students makes it clear that no concepts are too difficult to comprehend, in the book. Types of questions include objective questions like MCQ's, true and false type questions, fill in the blanks and matching given options.  

3. Objective Biology for NEET, AIIMS & Other Medical Exams: (Published by S. Dinesh)

The book is most recommended by toppers and counsellors. The name suggests that the book will serve not just NEET but other entrance exam aspirants as well. The updated versions of the book carry the latest questions and study notes as per CBSE's standards. The questions in tune with the pattern of the exams and help you practise more and better. MCQ questions are placed topic wise and are followed by revisionary questions. The book can be your stand-alone guide to NEET Biology preparation.  

4. Objective Biology for AIPMT & All Other Medical Entrance Examinations (Volume – 1 & 2): (Published by GRB Publications)

The book handles the large amount of information in the biology curriculum prescribed to NEET aspirants quite systematically. The syllabus is revised according to the regulations of NEET. Questions are many and of varied styles, thereby helping you prepare comprehensively. Topics from the ten units including The Cell Structure and Function, Human Physiology, Reproduction, Genetics and Evolution and Biology and Human Welfare, among others have simplified for students, yet give them all the information required.   These are some of the objective books with study material and questionnaires for NEET Biology. Look out for our piece on The Best Practice Books for NEET. For more information on the NEET study tips, preparation guides and study material, log on to Meritnation's Testprep

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