Various Specializations of MBBS and Their Scope

MBBS is considered as one of the most sought after courses in India with more and more students opting for this course in various government, semi government and private institutions. It is unfortunate that there is a recent upsurge of different diseases, but, this has led to the increase in the demand of doctors and hence, admissions in MBBS course all over the nation. Also, because of comparatively low cost of treatment, India is known as a choiceable destination for medical tourists which has resulted in higher demand of doctors. Another reason for the popularity of MBBS course is the good salary package offered to graduates. However, students opting for specializations in MBBS have better prospects as many diseases and ailments required specialized learning and training. But students often tend to get confused as in which specialization to opt for. Discussed below are some of the major specializations of MBBS. Medicine: MBBS graduates who specializes in Medicine are called Physicians and have the ability of understanding and diagnosing various medical related problems of the patient and accordingly prescribing medicines and further treatment. Cardiology: Cardiology deals with the treatment of heart. MBBS graduates who specializes in Cardiology have the ability to diagnose any heart related problem and accordingly prescribe further course of action. Cardiologists are hugely in demand in govt. and private hospitals all over the nation. Pediatrics: Doctors who specialize in Pediatrics deal with medical issues related to children and are called Pediatricians. This specialization enable them to understand the ailments of the children and treat them accordingly. Pediatricians are hugely in demand as parents don't want to take chances when it comes to health related issues of their children. Orthopedics: Doctors specializing in treatment of any ailment related to the bones or the skeletal structure of the body are known as Orthopedic Surgeons. By using both surgical and nonsurgical means, Orthopedic Surgeons treat various conditions related to the skeletal system of the body such as sport injuries, musculoskeletal trauma, fractures, etc. Neurosurgery: Neurosurgery is the specialization that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the nervous system of the body which generally includes treatment of brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cords, etc. Because of the graveness of these kind of ailment, Neurosurgeons are greatly respected and hugely in demand. Obstetrics and Gynecology: Doctors dealing with problems and issues related with the female reproductive organ and prescribing necessary course of action have specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Operations such as Caesarian, Hysteroscopies, Laparoscopies, etc. are also conducted by Obstetricians and Gynecologists along with treatment of ovarian cancer. Ophthalmology: Doctors specializing in Ophthalmology have the ability to perform medical and surgical treatment of eye and are called Ophthalmologists. From eye surgeries to treatment of glaucoma, Ophthalmologists are specially trained to provide treatment for any diseases or infections of the eye. General Surgery: General Surgeons have speciality in General Surgery and have the ability to operate and provide treatment for different abdominal contents such as stomach, liver, colon, pancreas, etc. They also, at times, provide treatment for skin, hernias, etc. Because of the wide range of areas of the human body they operate in, doctors having speciality in General Surgery are hugely in demand. ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat): Otolaryngology or popularly known as ENT is the specialization in MBBS that deals with the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat. A huge number of patients visiting hospitals for treatment have ailments related to ENT and as such the Otolaryngologists are much sought out in various government and private hospitals all throughout the country.

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