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Chemical Reactions

Chemical reaction and its types

1. Chemical reaction is a process in which a chemical substance gets converted into another substance with new and changed properties.

2. Chemical reactions are of two types:

(i) Simple chemical reaction: Usually occurs in one step and can be explained in detail. For example: Burning of fuel

(ii) Complex chemical reaction: Usually occurs in multiple steps and cannot be explained in detail. For example: Biochemical reactions

3. Chemical reactions are responsible for the formation of new substances that are very important in our lives.

4. A chemical reaction occurs because unstable atoms tend to attain maximum stability by completing their octet or achieving noble gas electronic configuration.

Valence electrons

1. The electrons which take part in a chemical reaction are called valence electrons.

2. Valence electrons may be present in the last orbit or in the penultimate orbit.

3. Valence electrons may be gai…

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