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Magnetic Effect of Electric Current and Light

  • Properties of Magnetic field lines
    • Originate from the North pole and end at the South pole [outside the magnet]
    • They are closed continuous lines
    • Density of the lines increases near the poles and decreases away from the poles
    • Lines never cross each other

  • Like poles repel and unlike poles attract each other.
  • The region where magnetic field lines are crowded has relatively greater strength
  • The magnetic poles of the Earth continuously change their position with time i.e., the magnetic North Pole becomes the magnetic South Pole and vice-versa. This phenomenon of flipping of poles is known as magnetic reversal.
  • The angle of the horizontal plane between the geographic North (true North) and the magnetic North is known as magnetic declination
  • Deflection of compass

  • Right-hand thumb rule

  • Solenoid 
    • A cylindrical coil having many turns of insulated wires wrapped closely

  • Right-hand thumb rule/ Maxwell’s corkscrew rule 
    • If one holds a current-currying wire in the right hand such that the thumb is pointing in the direction of the current, then the direction in which the other finger encircles the wire will…

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