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Crop Production and Management

  • Basic crop production practices
    • Preparation of soil
    • Sowing
    • Adding manure and fertilizers
    • Irrigation
    • Removal of weeds (weeding)
    • Harvesting
    • Threshing
    • Storage



Preparation of soil for cultivation: Loosening and upturning of the soil. This process is known as tilling or ploughing.

  • Implements used in ploughing
  • Plough
    • It is made up of wood and contains two parts.

                    (a) Ploughshare (strong triangular strip of iron)

                    (b) Plough shaft (main wooden axis of plough)

    • Driven with the help of animals
    • Brings nutrient rich soil to the top
    • Helps in aeration of the soil
  • Hoe
    • Consists of long rod of wood or iron
    • Contains strong, broad, and bent plate of iron at one of its end
    • Driven with the help of anima…

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