AIPMT Retest 2015: Dress Code and Other Important Dos & Donts

After the first AIPMT 2015 held on May 3 was scrapped by the Supreme Court due to allegations of mass scale cheating, the CBSE is taking strict measures to prevent any such recurrence in the upcoming AIPMT retest 2015 to be held on July 25.

checklist aipmt retest 2015The CBSE has issued a set of strict guidelines to students this time which includes a dress code and a long list of what students can carry with them, in order to curb any possible attempts at cheating or other malpractices. A strict check will be conducted before the exam and students who violate the guidelines will be barred from appearing for the examination. Students are also expected to cooperate with the staff at the examination centre for compulsory physical frisking.

IMPORTANT: All the dos and donts are printed on the backside of the admit card itself. Students should ensure strict adherence to these guidelines. (Important Instructions Regarding Admit Card and Photographs to Carry to Exam Center)

Here are some important points that students should keep in mind:

1. Candidates have been asked to wear T-shirts or similar light clothes. Full sleeve shirts and jackets are strictly prohibited.

2. Candidates need to wear open slippers or sandals. Shoes will not be allowed.

3. Pens and watches are banned. The Board will be supplying these.

4. Staff appointed by the board will examine ears of each candidate with a torchlight to ensure that nobody carries any Bluetooth device inside the exam hall,

5. Sikhs will have to take out their kada (metal bracelet) and turbans may be checked too. Burka and tabeez are also not allowed.

check markPERMITTED

cross markBANNED

Light coloured clothes

Half-sleeved shirts and t-shirts

Half-sleeved kurtas



All kinds of metallic items & gadgets

Open slippers or Sandals 






Any kind of paper

Mobile phones


Bluetooth devices

Geometry Boxes




Eatables and water (opened or packed)


Caps, Scarves or Belts


Clothes with floral prints or big buttons

*Link to official statement by CBSE


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We wish all the AIPMT 2015 aspirants the best of luck!


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