CBSE 2017 Class 12 Maths : Board Paper Solution & Analysis


Class-12-MathematicsThe CBSE held the Class 12 Mathematics Board examination on Monday, March 20, 2017. Team Meritnation hopes and wishes that your exam went well. This time our team of experts brings you a quick video analysis of the 2017 Maths Board Exam along with Board Paper Solutions.

Experts at Meritnation noticed that the pattern of the question paper was different to the exam held in 2016. There were four sections instead of three in this year’s paper. Section B comprised of 2 mark questions, which was new this year.  All the questions in the three Sets (Delhi) were considerably different. The paper was relatively lengthy and many questions were asked directly from the NCERT textbook.

Overall, the paper can be rated as average and we hope many students to score full marks.

Check the 2017 CBSE Board Paper Solutions here:

Delhi SET 1 Delhi SET 2 Delhi SET 3
All India SET 1 All India SET 3 Abroad SET 3

View the video analysis here:

Question Difficulty Level (Delhi)

Difficulty Level Questions Count % Share
Easy 8 27.59%
Average 15 51.72%
Difficult 6 20.69%
Total No. of Questions 29 100.00%




Team Meritnation wishes you All the Best for your Board Exams! :)


  1. Kinshuk says

    Please upload the answer key of Cbse 2017 All India Maths Set 1.
    I have already uploaded the question paper.

  2. says

    Dear meritnation experts
    In the metal box question (set 2 Q29) I minimised the surface area ,and in the end multiplied the respective areas with their costs ……….would i get any marks ???
    please reply me fast its a 6 marker nd i dont wanna loose whole six marks …rest of my paper is same as your solutions …..please tell me :(

  3. KH says

    In set 2,Q9, shouldn’t it be the d(slope)/dt, i.e. d(dy/dx)/dt?? Because it says the rate of change of the slope of the curve?

    • Nikita says

      Hi Ritika,

      You can send your question paper to get solved by our subject experts. Send your Question Paper at-

      Kindly note that you can upload only PDF, Images (.gif, .jpg, .png) files. The file(s) should have a maximum size of 5 MB and not more than that. Resize your files to upload them on the given link.

      All the Best!

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