CBSE 2016 Class 12 Business Studies: Board Paper Solutions & Analysis

CBSE Board Paper class 12 B studiesThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) held its Class 12 Business Studies exam on March 4, 2016 and according to few news reports ‘gave a tough time’ to students. Like last year, 60% of the paper was based on HOTS, Case studies and Multidisciplinary questions. However, the paper was based on NCERT textbook i.e., for most of the questions lines were picked up from the NCERT Books.

Some of the questions were very tricky such as the case studies based on the identification of the element of the management function, type of organisation, type of communication, type of plans, source of recruitment and dimensions of business environment.

Hindustan Times quoted a teacher of a reputed school that “there were questions that had two answers, so CBSE should consider and mark both the answers. Though it was a one-mark question but due to lack of clarity, the board should consider relaxation. It was a tough paper.”
In short, it can be said that paper was a blend of some average and tricky questions.

Check the 2016 Board Paper Solutions for

Delhi SET 1 Delhi SET 2 Delhi SET 3 All India SET 1 All India SET 2 All India SET 3 Foreign SET 2

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Business Studies Board Paper- 2016 (Delhi, All India and Foreign Sets)

Grade/Difficulty Level Questions Count % Share
Easy 9 36.00%
Average 6 24.00%
Difficult 10 40.00%
Total No. of Questions 25



Business Studies Board Paper- 2016 (Delhi, All India and Foreign Sets)

Typology of Question Marks % Weightage
Knowledge-based 14 18%
Understanding-based 18 23%
HOTS 19 24%
Application-based 20 25%
Evaluation and Multi-Disciplinary 9 11%
Total 80


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      if u have read the last line of the question ie
      “this made a positive impact ……..
      started acting in a manner desired by the leader” and motivation is also making worker work as a desired manner . so answer is motivation

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