Choosing The Right Stream After Class 10

stream selectorAlong with the rejoicing that accompanies a 9 or 10 CGPAs in class 10th CBSE board results, there lies ahead a very important decision that all you students have to take i.e. the choice of stream for 11th and 12th class. This will not only define your  area of interest , but also play a key role in your career selection, later in life. Soaring  cut offs in Delhi University  these days makes it more important for the students to carefully choose their subjects in class 11th and 12th. And in order to make a right decision it’s important to have  information handy, which will help you go through the process of choosing the right subjects, much more systematically.

Relating the CBSE system with the Delhi University System

CBSE follows a system of  6 subject stream for  classes 11 and 12 [ 1 compulsory language (Core/Elective/Functional) + 3 core subjects + 1 optional subject + 1 additional subject ]. Most of the courses in Delhi University require a calculation of percentage of Best of Four subjects, but the selection of subjects varies from course to course. Here are some key points:

  • For taking admission in B.A. (program/pass course), five subjects will be considered whereas for taking admission in B.A. (hons.) courses, ‘Best of Four’ subjects will be considered( Maths necessary for Eco hons. ) .
  • For taking admission In B.Sc courses  (give some examples here) , all subjects are considered to obtain the final percentage while in B.Sc (hons.), ‘Best of Four’ subjects are calculated.
  • For B. Com ( prog./pass course) again, five subjects are considered and in B. Com (hons) ‘Best of Four’ is calculated (Maths compulsory).

Choosing the correct subject combinations in Class 11 -12

For choosing the right subjects in 11th and 12th, it’s important to decide the course one wants to pursue after school. This is important as Delhi University follows a policy of taking some particular subjects into consideration while calculating the Best of Four percentage and a  disadvantage of certain percentage is given if the required subject hasn’t been studied by the student or hasn’t been taken into account while calculating the Best of Four percentage.

Consider the following scenarios :-

Scenario 1:- in case of stream change (after passing 12th), disadvantage of maximum 5% may apply or

Scenario 2:- if a Candidate does not have language as a subject in class 12th and wants to seek admission in any hons. courses, he/she will suffer a disadvantage of 5% in ‘Best of Four’.

So even if a student has the required percentage for the cut off but doesn’t have the required subjects , he/she will be unable to choose the desired course.

The Concept Of ‘Best Of Four’ (BFS) Explained

So the next question that  arises is how to calculate the ‘Best of Four’ percentage

Best of Four Calculation for Science and Humanities courses :-

  • One language (Core/Elective/Functional)
  • The subject you wish to study, otherwise a disadvantage of 2.5% will be applicable to the calculate Best of Four percentage.
  • Any two other academic/elective subjects as per List A – If a candidate doesn’t include the subject as enlisted in List A, then a disadvantage of 2.5% will be imposed to the Best of Four calculated.
  • For science courses,the candidate must have secured at least 70% marks in PCM/PCB/PCMB theory exams.In case,the subject under consideration doesn’t meet the requirement of 70% theory component and 30% practical component then the marks of theory and practical must be converted on pro-rata basis.

List A

Arabic Italian
Bengali Mathematics
Botany Music
Business Studies/Commerce Persian
Chemistry Philosophy
Computer Science Physical Education
Economics Physics
English Political Science
French Psychology
Geography Punjabi
Geology Sanskrit
German Sociology
Hindi Spanish
History Statistics
Home Science Urdu

All other subjects are non electives/vocational.

Best of Four Calculation for Commerce Courses :-

There are 2 Lists involved in this process :-

List C1 – There are 2 parts of this list

PART 1 (Languages)


Business Studies/Commerce

List C2 :-

Business Mathematics
Biology/ Biotechnology
Political Science
Home Science
Computer Science/ Informatics Practices
Legal Studies
  • For B.Com(Hons), a student will have to choose one language from List C1- Part 1 and three subjects from Part 2. If the subjects are chosen in the specified manner, he/ she will not face any deduction of marks.
  • If a student chooses subjects from List C2, he/she will have a disadvantage of 1% per subject.
  • If a student chooses a subject which is not included in List C1- Part 2 or List C2, a deduction of 2.5% per subject will be imposed.
  • It is important for a student to have studied Mathematics in Class 12 to study B.Com. Honours. There is no such requirement of Maths for students who wish to study B.Com. Prog.

The Final Step

Ultimately, all what’s left to decide is which stream exactly to choose in 11th and 12th. As they famously say, “Don’t follow the crowd and be a mindless sheep, be different and pave your own way”. The best way to do that is by knowing where your interest and aptitude actually lies and what your aptitude levels are.

We at Meritnation can surely help you in taking this decision. All you’ve got to do is follow the link to check out the results of the Stream Selector

All the Best!

(With Special inputs from Hitesh Chellaramani. 2nd Year, B.Com (H), Delhi University)

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