Consistency is the Key

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In every area of our life- from education to work to health, it is our perseverance and mental toughness which actually determines our level of success. Even if you don’t have any particular talent but you are inquisitive and consistent in your efforts, surely you will achieve your goals.

I also believe that talent is overrated. We all know that competitors outperform their peers not only because of IQ or talent but because of their grit and commitment to more consistent practice. We all have that one friend who works on a schedule and not just only when he feel motivated. Thus he makes most out of his potential and accomplishes his goals.

Hence, we can say that perseverance and consistency make us mentally tough and thus successful.

Consistency_quoteWhen you are talented and mentally tough, it creates the perfect combination to succeed in life. We cannot change the genes we are born with but we can enhance our mental toughness. And the good thing is that mental strength makes bigger impacts than talent or intelligence.

We should focus more on increasing our mental toughness quotient. We can develop habits which help in focusing more on crucial things regardless of obstacles which are present. It can be done by being consistent, with small wins which we get on accomplishing our short term goals.


Isha Charak


  1. Aryan says

    MAM can you guide the current generation . On how can we work better to enhance our scholastic .Me being in 9th i i use my several hour in study still not able to get the satisfactory results .Like for instance i may score good but still i feel i did not achieve anything. Is their any way to demark this unsattifaction

  2. Shifa Qureshi says

    This really helps to students,and help to gain better marks in examination.
    Thanks you mam and sir to guides us in such a good manner…..
    Thanks a lot..

  3. mukund kumar pathak says

    I like the solution is given my mam Isha Charak about consistency is the key. I appreciate you mam and salute you. 10 stars(**********) these 10 stars also less for me to give you mam.

  4. Prince Singh says

    Consistence reflects one’s physical and mental ability about how he/she is likely to resolve each difficulties that persists in our life under any cicumstances. In other words, he/she must be free living by nature and ever ready for any resolutions…

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