IIT Kharagpur To Offer 14 Disciplines For Micro-Specialisations from 2015

IIT Kharagpur JEE Advanced 2015The Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur will offer its students of Bachelors of Technology as many as 14 disciplines for their micro-specialisations. The concept as an attempt to provide equal employment opportunities for all students, regardless of the popularity of their chosen engineering streams.

It was noticed that students less popular streams do not get placement choices similar to the ones in the popular ones. The academic structure has been revised keeping in the mind the same, so that students may combine and mix their subjects, thereby creating an ideal set of skills for their further job opportunities. Now students get less popular streams like Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, Mining and Agriculture, owing to their comparatively lower ranks in the Joint Entrance Examinations will be able to grasp the opportunities they wish once they complete their graduation.

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Some of the 14 new disciplines are Engineering Systems Reliability, Rubber Engineering (RE), Electronic Materials & Applications, Bioenergy and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

The structure of the disciplines will consist of three parts or components, namely A Foundation course, one or two subjects from the specified list, and a project or term paper.

The change in the academic structure is being applauded by students and educationists alike and will be a huge attraction for students looking for innovative career choices in the future.

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