Meritnation announces support to students amid COVID-19 outbreak

We are there with you (1)The COVID -19 outbreak has impacted schools and disrupted education in some geographies. In light of this, we want you to know that we are there with you all the way.

Various State Governments have ordered the schools and educational institutions to remain closed to safeguard the health of the students. To tackle the situation and help all the school-going students during the exam time, we will be providing our services for free.

We will be conducting Special Free Live Classes for students to ensure that they do not face any disruption in their school studies as the new academic year begins. We will also be organizing Special Live sessions for students appearing for JEE/NEET at no charge, to help them in the last leg of their important journey. Additionally, all the students in classes 6-12 are free to access Meritnation’s study resources. To access the study resources, please visit

Should the academic disruption continue further, we will be working with the schools to offer our Live Class platform to help them conduct their classes for students at home.

We hope the situation gets better soon. Till then, we will be there to ensure that you get all the help to study from the safety of your homes.

Best Wishes!
Team Meritnation

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