How to be the Parent your Child needs during Exams

Exams are a strenuous time, no matter how prepared your child is. Regardless of whether your child is the hardworking, diligent kind or the kind that likes to prepare at the last moment, the nerves, the anxiety and, at times, the unwillingness to study are all part of a student’s pre-exam regimen. What, you might ask, can you do to make these exams less of a burden for your … [Read more...]

Here’s how you deal with your child’s fear of Maths

Let’s face it. Mathematics is an important part of your child’s curriculum. While we may often jokingly question how in the world are trigonometry or geometry of any use in our everyday life, we cannot deny the fact that Maths and its many elements contribute in developing the analytical, deductive and calculative abilities of a student as early as when one is in primary … [Read more...]

What Parents Can Do To Stop Cyber Bullying

cyber bullying

In a recent case a student from one of the top schools in Delhi-NCR  was bullied online and body shamed,.The girl in question is a feisty, confident young woman who used social media to her advantage and turned the situation around, by using it as an opportunity to garner public opinion. But are all children able to deal with a similar situation as confidently? As parents, what … [Read more...]

Top 5 Bollywood Movies to Watch With Your Child

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Though the count of Bollywood movies for children is few, one can notice the rise in this genre lately. Movies influence children and adults alike. They leave a long-lasting impression on children and help them learn about society and various day-to-day problems. Based on the emotional, educational and entertainment value of movies, Indian cinema in the recent past, has some … [Read more...]

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents


The teenage years can be mystifying for parents. Sensible children turn scatter-brained or start having wild mood swings. Formerly level-headed adolescents ride in cars with dangerous drivers or take other foolish risks. A flood of new research offers explanations for some of these mysteries. Brain imaging adds another kind of data that can help test hypotheses and … [Read more...]